B.C. Provincial Corrections

In B.C., the Corrections Branch operates probation offices that supervise offenders serving community sentences as well as bail orders. B.C. Corrections also operates provincial correctional centres for offenders serving sentences of less than two years in custody.

Some of B.C. Corrections responsibilities include:

  • Assessing an offender's risk to re-offend and needs that must be addressed to change their offending behaviour
  • Intervening to help support offenders and reduce re-offending
  • Supervising and supporting offenders serving sentences in the community
  • Operating provincial correctional facilities and supervising offenders in custody
  • Preparing offenders for conditional release by the Parole Board of Canada
  • Assisting offenders to plan their return to the community
  • Providing programs and services to offenders while in custody and in the community, including culturally sensitive Indigenous programs

Provincial Community Corrections Offices

The Corrections Branch operates over 50 probation offices across B.C. Probation offices and officers provide programs to support offenders and supervise court orders while they are serving sentences in the community. For more information about probation offices, visit Probation Officers (Key Parts of the Criminal Justice System).

Provincial Correctional Centres

B.C. Corrections manages provincial correctional centres with varying levels of security and control throughout B.C. The centres provide secure custody for accused awaiting trial or offenders serving their sentence. Visit Corrections (Key Parts of the Criminal Justice System) to learn more.

Programs and Services

B.C. Corrections also helps you find and provides programs and services while you are in custody or in the community. This includes programs related to substance abuse management, violence prevention, relationship violence prevention and sex offender treatment. Some programs and services are specifically for Indigenous people and females.

In Custody Work Programs

B.C. Corrections provides a wide range of work programs while you are serving your sentence in custody. These programs help you develop practical job skills that may assist you when you go back into the community. Examples of work programs include: 

  • Kitchen crew
  • Horticulture
  • Construction
  • Bicycle mechanic certification
  • First aid
  • Food preparation certification
  • Fish hatchery
  • Building maintenance