B.C. Custody Programs

There are many programs and services available to you while you are serving your sentence in a provincial correctional centre. Some are programs specifically for Indigenous people and women.

The following describes some of the programs provided by British Columbia (B.C.) Corrections, Adult Custody Division:

  • Respectful Relationships - a 10-session program that teaches participants how to manage their emotions and behaviour and increases their problem-solving skills, so they are less likely to be violent in their relationships.
  • Substance Abuse Management: Changing Thinking, Achieving Wellness - a 12-session program designed to help groups of men or women develop healthier lifestyles with the potential and support to move to more intensive forms of treatment related to their substance use. Based on the Bio/Psycho/Social/Spiritual Model of Substance Abuse and the Stages of Change Model.
  • Living Without Violence - a 10-session program intended to help male participants distinguish between anger and violence, to analyze the sources of anger and identify non-violent ways of expressing or resolving anger.
  • Sex Offender Treatment – offered in select correctional centres, with maintenance offered in the community.
  • Thinking Leads to Change – A Program for Women - a 10-session program based on the understanding that a gender-responsive, trauma-informed and cognitive behavioural approach is fundamental to improved outcomes for women under supervision.  Participants increase their competence in conflict resolution, problem solving, self regulation, effective communication and boundary setting.
  • Essential Skills to Success – an inventory of modules that reinforces employability and life skills development, enhances response to behaviour change programs and supports pro-social engagement in custody and the community.

Other programs and services available to you while in custody (through partnerships with health care services or non-profit agencies) may include: 

  • Chaplaincy – provides spiritual support through multi-faith services and counselling.
  • Indigenous programs – provide Indigenous clients with opportunities to connect or reconnect with their culture and community by meeting Elders, taking part in spiritual ceremonies and participating in other traditional activities.
  • Alcohol and drug counselling - addresses alcohol and drug dependency through assessment, counselling and therapy.
  • Work programs - there are many opportunities for training and work experience offered in our centres.