B.C. Custody Programs

There are many programs and services available to you while you are serving your sentence in a provincial correctional centre. Some are programs specifically for Indigenous people and females.   

The following describes some of the programs provided by the British Columbia (B.C.) Corrections, Adult Custody Division:

  • Relationship Violence Prevention Program - a two-part program aimed at reducing violence in family relationships
    • Respectful Relationships - part one is a 10-session program that teaches offenders how to manage their emotions and behaviour and increases their problem-solving skills so they are less likely to be violent in their relationships
    • Relationship Violence - part two is a 17-session program for men who assault their partners
  • Substance Abuse Management - a 12-session pre-treatment program that teaches offenders how to reduce the consequences of substance use, from safer use to managed use and abstinence
  • Violence Prevention - a 10-session, pre-treatment program that teaches offenders self-management and problem-solving skills, reducing their potential for violence
  • Sex Offender Treatment and Maintenance - used to treat sex offenders and help them retain what they have learned in treatment
  • Breaking Barriers - a 17-session program that provides offenders with motivation and confidence to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviour in areas related to their criminal history
  • Emotions Management for Women - a 10-session program that develops self-awareness and deals with anger and other difficult emotions
  • Relationship Skills for Women - a 13-session program that addresses relationships, family violence, abuse and intimacy
  • Substance Abuse Program for Women - a 21-session pre-treatment program that employs a set of practical strategies to reduce negative consequences of substance use. They range from safer use to managed use to abstinence (being without drugs or alcohol)
  • Educational upgrading - provides adult basic education to high school graduation
  • Chaplaincy – provides spiritual support through multi-faith services and counselling
  • Indigenous justice - provides Indigenous offenders with an opportunity to connect or reconnect with their culture and community by meeting elders, taking part in spiritual ceremonies and participating in other traditional activities

Other programs and services available to you while in custody (through partnerships with non-profit agencies) may include: 

  • Alcohol and drug counselling - addresses alcohol and drug dependency through assessment, counselling and therapy
  • Life skills workshops - a variety of short sessions designed and delivered by service providers that are available from time to time in correctional centres