Probation is a sentence or a part of a sentence that you serve in the community.

The court may order you to complete a period of probation alone, or a period of probation after a custody sentence or other community sentence. If you are on probation you must follow the conditions identified in your probation order. These might include, having good conduct in the community, not using alcohol or drugs, staying away from the victim or others.

You may be supervised by a probation officer. It is their job to ensure that you follow the conditions of a court order, and appear in court as required. They will also provide you with support, including helping you find suitable programs and services

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810 Recognizance (Peace Bond)

According to section 810 of the Criminal Code of Canada, the court may order a recognizance (commonly referred to as a peace bond) for not more than 24 months. A judge can order a peace bond even when no charges have been laid against you or where there has been no conviction. A peace bond is supervised like a probation order because of the threat of harm to the safety of a community or person.

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