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Publication date: April 27, 2017

BC Timber Sales (BCTS) offers contract opportunities in forestry related areas including planning, development, professional services and silviculture. These contract opportunities are posted on the BC Bid portal. The B.C. government provides information to help understand the bidding process.

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A list of current BCTS contract opportunities is posted on BC Bid Portal. To find BCTS contracts on the portal, enter "BCTS" in the search field.

The B.C. government provides vendors interested in working with BCTS with information on how to bid on the contract opportunities available on BC Bid:

As forest sector safety is a guiding principle of our business practices, individuals and companies providing contract services to BC Timber Sales must be SAFE-certified and follow BCTS environmental management system (EMS) contract schedules:

Contract opportunity schedule

BCTS provides general contract opportunity information in three-year contract schedules across its 12 business areas. These schedules show potential contracts that may be available:

Contact BCTS business area staff for more information on proposed contracts.

BCTS Contract Advisory Committee

BCTS Contract Advisory Committee (BCAC) members work with the BCTS contracting community to find solutions to issues that may arise during the contracting process. Learn more about the BCTS Contract Advisory Committee.

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Contract Quality Management System - information and directives​

BCTS has established a contract quality management system based on the principles of ISO9001:2015 with the goal of continuous improvement and innovation in our contract administration and management practices. Within our contract quality management system framework we have developed directives and enhancements to streamline our processes to benefit both the contracting community and BCTS in developing stronger relationships.

General contracting directives and information

Planting contract directives and guide

Planting contractor rating system

Contact information

For questions about contracting, contact the BCTS business area.

For general questions about BC Timber Sales and policy, contact us:

BC Timber Sales PO BOX
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