BC Timber Sales - Contracting

BC Timber Sales (BCTS) advertises contract opportunities in forestry related areas, such as planning, development professional services and silviculture.

Find BCTS contract opportunities:

The B.C. government provides information to help vendors bid on contract solicitations:

Planned Contract Opportunities

BCTS provides general contract opportunity information in three-year contract schedules across its 12 business areas. These schedules show potential contracts that may be available:

Contact BCTS business area staff for more information on proposed contracts.

BCTS Contract Advisory Committee (BCAC)

BCTS Contract Advisory Committee members believe that solutions can be developed and effective contracting achieved with the assistance and collaboration of BCTS’s contracting community. BCTS and its contracting community have agreed to renew and revitalize the BCTS Contract Advisory Committee to make contracting more effective for BCTS and its contractors. This will assist BCTS in achieving its new goal and objectives.

Contract advisory committee includes members from a range of forestry contracting sectors that interact with BCTS.

Contract Quality Management System - Information & Directives​

BCTS has established a contract quality management system based on the principles of ISO9001:2015.

This system helps ensure continuous improvement within BCTS contract administration and management.

BCTS is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in its contracting practices. Within our contract quality management system framework we have developed directives and enhancements to streamline our processes.  These enhancements benefit both the contracting community and BCTS in developing stronger relationships.


Planting Contract Directives & Guide

Planting Contractor Rating System