Greenhouse Carbon Tax Relief Grant

Last updated on June 1, 2023

The Greenhouse Carbon Tax Relief Grant Program is accepting applications until Friday, June 30th, 2023.

Through the Greenhouse Carbon Tax Relief Grant Program (GCTRG), the B.C. government provides carbon tax relief to B.C. commercial vegetable, floriculture, wholesale nursery and forest seedling operations.

Effective April 1, 2023 the GCTRG will be replaced with the Partial exemption from carbon tax for greenhouse growers.

Please note that should the value of eligible applications to the 2023 intake exceed available funding, the Ministry may adjust reimbursement levels to ensure all eligible applications are processed equitably.

Eligible activities

Natural gas and propane consumed for heating and producing CO2 for the production of eligible crops within a production greenhouse is eligible.

Fuel burnt for other purposes, such as heating residential, office, packing or processing area, or non-eligible crop production area, vehicles, forklifts or to produce electricity in a CHP engine - is ineligible.

Eligible applicants

To qualify to receive a January to March 2023 GCTRG, an Applicant must have met all of the following criteria at the time of the application submission:

  • is a corporation, partnership or individual(s) operating a commercial greenhouse in British Columbia from January to March of the 2023 production year
  • is using natural gas or propane in the operation of their Eligible Production Area for heating or the production of CO2 for Eligible Crop fertilization, or both
  • had sales in 2022 exceeding $20,000 (for start-ups or new purchases, an operator anticipates sales exceeding $20,000 in 2023) from the production of Eligible Crops
  • has a minimum of 455 square meters (5,000 square feet) of Eligible Production Area
  • is using at least 75% of their total Eligible Production Area for the production of Eligible Crops
  • is producing an Eligible Crop

Review the 2023 Eligibility Requirements (PDF, 132KB) to find out if you're an eligible greenhouse operator.

To qualify to receive a 2023 GCTRG, a person must address any clarifying questions posed by the ministry within the timeframe specified with respect to the eligibility of production, the ownership and operation of the greenhouse or other issues related to the application.

Note: if the clarifying questions are not adequately answered, the Ministry will deem an application as incomplete and will not issue a grant.

It is the responsibility of the Applicant to become familiar with the application process and ensure their application addresses all requirements, in addition to ensuring a complete application is submitted.

Application instructions

Applications for 2023 are now open.

Contact your fuel provider and obtain a one or two-page annual fuel usage summary for January to March 2023.

Spreadsheets downloaded from FortisBC or other supplier will not be accepted.

       3. Complete the 3 sections of the application form, scan and submit via email.

       4. Scan and submit the annual summary or natural gas/propane invoices.

Applications or supporting material such as fuel invoices, annual summaries of fuel usage and applicable electrical power generation readings from CHP engines received after the June 30, 2023 deadline will be deemed ineligible for the 2023 GCTRGP grant. Additionally, applications or supporting material that are incomplete or incorrectly submitted will not be reviewed or considered.

Frequently asked questions

Contact information

Inquiries concerning the Greenhouse Carbon Tax Relief Grant program may be directed to the following: