B.C. Agricultural Drainage Manual

Agricultural drainage is an essential part of farming. This publication contains information on guidelines for agricultural drainage in British Columbia.

The manual is intended as a general reference although specific drainage design criteria are included. It describes generally accepted drainage practices and principles, yet is not meant to be the sole source of information on soil and water management.

The B.C. Agricultural Drainage Manual was developed for the following purposes:

  • Help farmers improve drainage through beneficial soil and water management
  • Assist farmers in identifying drainage problems and finding appropriate solutions
  • Provide professionals with design parameters of drainage systems
  • Provide ideas and technical information on proper drainage practices
  • Surface drainage design
  • Subsurface drainage design
  • Controlled drainage and subirrigation
Chapter Title PDF, Size
  Front Cover of Manual 3.6 MB
  Titlepage, Preface, ISBN 4.5 MB
  Table of Contents 9.3 MB
1 Introduction 11.0 MB
2 Soil 2.8 MB
3 Water 12.0 MB
4 Identifying Drainage Problems 4.6 MB
5 Drainage Solutions 13.0 MB
6 Benefits of Drainage 12.0 MB
7 Evaluation of Drainage Improvements 1.6 MB
8 Drainage Planning Requirements 11.8 MB
9 Surface Drainage Design 4.2 MB
10 Subsurface Drainage Design 22.7 MB
11 Controlled Drainage and Subirrigation 11.9 MB
Appendix Title Size
A Rainfall Intensity Curves 5.8 MB
B Manning's n Values 4.7 MB
C Head Loss Tables 7.0 MB
D Conversion Tables 4.2 MB
  Bibliography 4.3 MB
  Index 4.0 MB