Data Management and Research

B.C. government ministries and agencies, businesses and citizens all depend on data, the value of which depends on knowing its accuracy, completeness, and currency, which reflects how it is managed.

It is not practical or desirable for a single agency to manage all government data, however, it is possible and very beneficial for data custodians across government to adopt a common model of good data governance. Data Custodianship is at the heart of this management model, which establishes the accountability over the collection, maintenance and access to data that users can rely upon.  

The BC Data Council, made up of Data Custodians from each ministry, has created Data Custodianship Guidelines for the Province of British Columbia (PDF, 800 KB) as a resource for others who interact with these Data Custodians in various capacities, or for anyone else who is interested in data management in the B.C. Government.


DataBC encourages and enables the strategic management and sharing of data across the government enterprise and with the public.  It is responsible for the B.C. Data Catalogue, the Open Data initiative and the B.C. Spatial Data Infrastructure and associated products and services.

BC Stats

BC Stats is the provincial government's leader in statistical and economic research, information and analysis. We can help you increase overall business performance by providing the information you need to make effective decisions.


GeoBC creates and manages geospatial information and products to help better manage natural resources in British Columbia. GeoBC also offers consultation services across all natural resource sector agencies.