CPPM Policy Chapter 22: Communications and Public Engagement

This Core Policy and Procedures Manual chapter contains policy on government communications and public engagement and includes greater integration of online development, citizen engagement and social media functions. This chapter also clarifies the role and objectives of Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE).  

22.1 Objectives

  • Ensure that government policies and programs are communicated to the public in a timely, relevant and accessible manner;
  • Ensure that citizens are engaged in public policy decisions supporting government priorities;
  • Ensure that citizens can access the information and services they need from government in a way that is efficient and effective.

22.2 General

  • Through a wide range of communications tools, Government Communication and Public Engagement (GCPE) provides citizens with quick and easy access to the information they need when they need it – from avalanche conditions to health and safety notices.
  • GCPE provides strategic communications advice and planning for all levels of provincial government including the Premier’s Office, members of Cabinet, senior government officials, and ministry program staff.
  • Communications activities will focus on issues and matters pertaining to the priorities, policies, programs and services administered by government.
  • Employees should refer to the Standards of Conduct for BC Public Service employees to ensure compliance in the delivery of communications services.

22.3 Policy

Government Communications & Public Engagement (GCPE) may set standards to mandate the use of specific communications and public engagement services or practices (i.e. advertising, research, online development, etc.).  Ministries must follow these standards in the execution of all activities listed on GCPE’s website, unless an exemption has been approved by GCPE.  Exemptions will be time-bound and reviewed regularly.

Any materials prepared for public consumption, regardless of the medium used, must be approved by GCPE, through the Communications Director assigned to the ministry.

22.4 Information and Resources

Visit https://intranet.gov.bc.ca/gcpe (government access only) for more information on the specific communications and public engagement services and practices governed by Chapter 22.

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