Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training

The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training provides leadership and direction for post-secondary education and skills training systems in British Columbia as well as labour market information and programs.

Featured Topics

  • Aboriginal Education
    Information on Aboriginal post-secondary education in B.C., including the Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education and Training Policy Framework and Action Plan.
  • Adult Education
    Programs to meet the needs of adults who are not ready to enter directly into an academic or career program at the post-secondary level.
  • Education Quality Assurance
    Learn more about Education Quality Assurance designation for quality post-secondary education.
  • International Education
    A strategy to increase opportunities for B.C. students to study abroad and students from around the world to study and work in B.C.
  • Post-Secondary Data
    Data collected from past and present students.
  • Post-Secondary Funding & Accountability
    Government reporting, budget, capital planning, and accountability framework.
  • Private Career Training
    Learn about private training regulations in B.C.
  • Canada-B.C. Job Grant 
    An employer-driven, cost-sharing program that can help employers invest in training for their current or future employees. 
  • Sector Labour Market Partnership Program
    The program provides funding for partnership-led projects that address broader sector and regional labour market issues within British Columbia's diverse economy. 
  • Sexual Violence and Misconduct
    Information and resources on how to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual violence and misconduct on post-secondary campuses.

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