BC Services Card

The BC Services Card provides access to government services. It replaces the CareCard for access to health care services. The card is used for access to:

  • Publicly-funded health services through Medical Services Plan (MSP) benefits
  • Services that need a photo ID – like opening a bank account
  • Participating government services online
  • Your BC Services Card Account

BC Service Card Combo card

The card is designed to:

  • Make it easier for B.C. residents to access provincial government services with just one card
  • Keep personal information secure
  • Take advantage of modern card technology with advanced security features
  • Use ICBC's existing identity proofing and renewal processes to help keep everyone’s personal information more secure and help prevent fraud such as identity theft or misuse of government services

Get a BC Services Card

By March 1, 2018, eligible residents of B.C. are expected to renew enrolment in the Medical Services Plan (MSP) and get a BC Services Card.

You need to show a valid BC Services Card when accessing publicly-funded health services. After March 1, 2018, if you present a CareCard, you may be asked to also provide one piece of photo ID.

In an emergency situation no one will be denied essential medical care.


Secure Access to Services Online

The government of B.C. is working to improve the way we deliver services. This includes providing citizens with access to more programs and services online. The BC Services Card enables citizens to access these government services safely and securely by logging in with your card. 

Security Features

Enhanced security features help protect personal information and prevent fraud. The BC Services Card meets the highest standards for integrity and security. The card was designed using the same security features as the B.C. driver’s licence.


While you may use the card to access different services, your privacy is still protected. For example, a health care provider won't be able to see your driving record, and a police officer or ICBC employee won't have access to your health records.

BC Services Card Account

In your BC Services Card Account you can change your passcode, view devices with your mobile card, manage your email address, manage your login preferences, and view your card activity.