BC Services Card

The BC Services Card provides access to government services for B.C. residents. ​

BC Services Card


One Card, Many Services

With just one card, you can access many different services.

Use to access health services

You can use your BC Services Card to access health services. 

Read more about using your card to access health services.


Use to access government services online

You can use your BC Services Card to log in to government services. It's a secure way to prove who you are online.

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Online Access


Use for photo ID 

A BC Services Card is government-issued ID. You can use it at places that ask for photo ID to verify your identity or age. For example, when opening a bank account.


It Protects Your Identity

You will have your identity verified when you get a card and before you can access government services online. This proves who you are. It helps prevent anyone from accessing government services as you.

For example:

  • When you go to get your card, your identity is verified using ICBC's existing identity-proofing and renewal processes 
  • Before you can access services online with your card, you must do a one-time security check to verify your identity. You do not have to do this in person. You can do this by video if you have a mobile card

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Your Privacy is Always Protected

Services you use can't see your information at other services 

A government service, such as a health care organization, may save some of your information. The BC Services Card Program can't see the information a government service saves about you. The information is not shared between services.

For example:

  • Police officers can't see your health records or medical history
  • Doctors can't see your driving record 

You can see the information that will be shared when accessing services online

When you log in with your BC Services Card, the only information that may be shared with the government service is:

  • Some information displayed on your card — like your name, birthdate, address
  • A unique number used to identify you
  • Your email address in your BC Services Card Account

Only the information a government service needs is shared with them, and no more. For example, sometimes your birthdate is kept private and only that you’re over 19 years old is shared.

You can see exactly what information will be shared when you're logging in. You can choose if you want to share it or not.

Read more about BC Services Card privacy.

Security is Built into the Card

The card is designed with the same driver’s licence features that help prevent theft and fraud. 

Every BC Services Card has a chip embedded in it - similar to the ones used by credit and debit cards in Canada. 

There is no personal information stored on the chip. 

How card technology helps protect your identity

How to Get a Card

It’s simple and easy. Typically, you will receive your BC Services Card when you renew your driver’s licence. No need for extra visits or phone calls.

Or, you can change your personal information on your card.


Use the BC Services Card for Your Service

If you’re a government service, find out how to use the BC Services Card Authentication Service.