BC Services Card Login

Last updated on January 29, 2024

BC Services Card Login makes it safe and easy to log in to many government websites. It’s your account to access services online. No need for usernames or passwords.

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Set up an account

Go to www.id.gov.bc.ca to set up or manage your account.

You will need to provide accepted ID set up an account so we can verify your identity.


Where to use

Many government services accept BC Services Card Login.

A few popular services are:

  • Health Gateway - view your B.C. health records in one place, including lab test results, medications, health visits, immunizations and more
  • Canada Revenue Agency My Account - view and manage your personal income tax and benefit information
  • StudentAid BC - apply for a student loan or manage your loan

How to log in with your account

login steps


Go to a website that accepts BC Services Card Login and choose to log in with BC Services Card.


Prove who you are by using either:

  • The BC Services Card app
  • A username, password and your BC Token


Go back to the website and you'll be logged in.


Use the device you prefer to use. For example, it can be a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. 

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We're committed to making our services accessible to all people by making it easy to use and understand.

Read more about accessibility


Privacy and security

While you may access different websites, your privacy is always protected. 

It's secure

You must verify your identity during setup to:

  • Prove you are who you say you are
  • Make sure no one else can set up your account with your ID
  • Help prevent identity theft

You can see what information will be shared

When you log in to a website you can see what information will be shared with them.

The only type of information that may be shared is:  

  • Some of your basic account information, such as your name, birthdate, address or email address
  • A unique number used to identify you

Only the information that is needed is shared, and no more

We only share the information a website really needs.

For example, sometimes your birthdate is kept private and only the fact that you're over 19 is shared.

We never share which websites you log in to with anyone

We only record when you've logged into a website. The name of it is only saved for a month. It's recorded for security purposes. It's never shared.

For example, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can not see what other websites you log in to.

We cannot see what you do after you log in

For example:

  • After you log in to the CRA, you will see your tax related information
  • We cannot see that tax information or any other information the CRA has about you

It's safe to use at work too

Your privacy is protected when you log in to websites at work because:

  • It only proves who you are
  • It does not prove that you work for a specific business
  • We do not know which business you work for


Learn more about security and about BC Service Card privacy.


Contact us

Contact the BC Services Card Help Desk if you have feedback or need help.


If you’re a government service, find out how to accept the BC Services Card Authentication Service for your website.


Please note: Any third-party services offering authentication or identity services are not assessed or endorsed by the BC government. Our services have rigorous security standards to protect your personal information and identity. Using any third-party services offered on other websites would be entirely at your own risk.