BC Services Card Authentication Service

The BC Services Card is currently available to B.C. residents as a form of identification that replaces their CareCard – it can also be combined with a driver’s licence. The BC Services Card identity and authentication service supports transactions that require identity assurance levels 2 or 3. 

The BC Services Card Program is managed by the Ministry of Health, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), and the Ministry of Citizens’ Services.

Learn more about the onboarding process to use the BC Services Card Authentication Service


Eligible B.C. residents can use the BC Services Card to prove who they are when accessing online government services. This works by using the secure chip embedded in the card combined with a personal passcode that only the cardholder knows, similar to a bank card's chip and PIN solution.

A higher level of identity assurance: The majority of people will only receive their card after completing the in-person ICBC identity-proofing process. The BC Services Card is ideal for client transactions that require access to confidential information or a high level of identity assurance.

Secure, convenient access to services: The card’s embedded chip meets strict security and privacy standards and allows cardholders to connect to services online.