Which card to get

Choose a category to find out which type of BC Services Card is right for you. 


Temporary immigrant status with MSP

You will receive a Non-Photo BC Services card in the mail once you're qualified for Medical Services Plan (MSP).

Adults who drive can get either a:

Adults 19 and older can get a Photo BC Services Card.

Every eligible child must be enrolled in the Medical Services Plan (MSP). Most children are enrolled under their parent or guardian’s MSP account until they're 19 years old.

Newborns and children that are new to the province are issued a Non-Photo BC Services Card once enrolled in MSP.

Children are not expected to renew enrolment in MSP. If a child on your MSP account has not received a BC Services Card, contact Health Insurance BC

If you are 75 or older and already have Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage you can get either:

If you're unable to make it to a government counter to have your photo taken, you can get a Non-Photo BC Services Card.

Please note:

  • You are not required to renew your MSP enrolment and will continue to receive coverage as long as you continue to meet MSP residency requirements
  • Most importantly, in an emergency no one will ever be denied essential medical care

All eligible B.C. residents must enrol in the Medical Services Plan (MSP) to get provincial health insurance.

After you enrol in MSP, you'll receive a BC Services Card. 

How to enrol in MSP


If you are physically unable to go to an ICBC driver licensing office because of a health condition, or you are studying outside of British Columbia, you might qualify for an exemption to get a non-photo BC Services Card.

Contact Health Insurance BC for more information.