Renew or replace a card

Renew a card

Get a card before your existing card expires – or if it's already expired.

When you renew your BC Services Card, you are also renewing your enrolment in the Medical Services Plan.

Learn more about using your BC Services Card to access health services.

Replace a lost or stolen card

The steps to replace a lost or stolen card depend on the type of card.

If you have a Photo BC Services Card or a combined BC Driver's Licence and Services Card:

  1. Report your missing card by phoning the ICBC driver licensing centre as soon as possible.
    (Victoria) 250 978-8300 
    (Elsewhere in B.C.) 1 800 950-1498
  2. Replace your card by following the steps on how to get your card

If you have a Non-Photo BC Services Card:

Replace a suspended, seized or revoked combined BC Driver’s Licence and Services Card

If your combined BC Driver’s Licence and Services Card is revoked for medical reasons or seized/suspended for other reasons, in an emergency, you will not be denied essential medical services.

As soon as possible, you should:

  1. Get your Personal Health Number by calling Health Insurance BC
  2. Get a new Photo BC Services Card by following the steps on how to get a card