Why You Need ID

It's best to present government-issued ID to businesses and service providers that are required to check ID. This will make it easier for you to access services and privileges that require identification.

Get Your ID

Identification documents issued by the government are considered the most credible forms of ID. This is because of the security and screening processes used to verify each person’s identity.

Both provincial and federal governments provide citizens with ID. Find out how to get these important ID documents:

Provincial Government ID

Federal Government ID

Keep Your ID Safe

Once you have your ID, it’s important to keep it safe. It’s not a good idea to keep all your ID in one place, like your wallet. That way if you lose your wallet, then you won’t lose all your ID, too.

Keep essential ID documents like your passport, Social Insurance Number card and birth certificate in a safe place at home. Take them with you only when you need them.

If you have lost your wallet, make sure that you cancel and replace all of your important cards. Here’s a list to help you through this process so that you replace your cards and identification in the right order:

  1. Immediately report that your debit or credit cards are lost by contacting the bank, financial institution or retail store.
  2. Let the police know that you lost your wallet, in case it gets turned in.
  3. Replace your driver’s licence
  4. Replace your BC Services Card
  5. Replace your birth certificate
  6. Replace your citizenship certificate
  7. Replace your passport
  8. Replace your Social Insurance Number card