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BC Wallet is a smartphone app. It lets you receive, store and present digital credentials such as permits, identities, and licenses.

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The focus of BC Wallet is to keep your information secure and confidential. Digital credentials in BC Wallet are highly tamper resistant and are only stored on your smartphone. The government is not told when, where or how you use BC Wallet. And BC Wallet only sends or receives information over secure, confidential connections. 

Most people will not have a use for BC Wallet right now. BC Wallet is in the app stores as an exploration of the technology. It does not support credentials that work in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. 

BC Wallet, and the technologies it uses, are built with open-source code that anyone can review.

The technology behind digital credentials has been used since 2019 in OrgBook BC, a searchable registry of organizations in British Columbia. 


Digital credentials


Where to use

Currently, there are no publicly available digital credentials offered by the government of British Columbia. Most people will not have a use for BC Wallet right now. A showcase app and other demos are available to use with the BC Wallet allowing you to experience a fictitious scenario.

In the future, there will be many potential uses of BC Wallet. You may be able to use BC Wallet to prove something about yourself. Or even something about the organization you work for. It could also support you having confidential online communications with other individuals or organizations.

If you need to access services online now, get the BC Services Card app.


A long-term objective of BC Wallet is to help British Columbians feel more confident when they interact online.

Here are some of the benefits of BC Wallet.


No one, other than the party you're interacting with, knows when or how you're using BC Wallet. 

This confidentiality is a core part of the technology behind BC Wallet. The code is available for anyone to review and explore.

Instant verification

No one can tamper with your information in the wallet.

  • The place accepting your digital credentials can be confident that your information is legitimate
  • They can trust it came from the right organization without having to contact them
  • This could dramatically reduce the time to complete processes and forms

Ease of adoption

Digital credential technology is open for anyone or any organization to use. This makes it easier for services within B.C. to start using it. The technology is designed to focus on interoperability. No single centralized service is required.

More control over personal information

With BC Wallet, you approve every use of your digital credentials.

  • You provide only the information from a digital credential that’s needed for a situation
  • It's possible to prove things about your information without providing the information itself
  • For example, you could prove you're over 19 without providing your actual date of birth


Get the BC Wallet app

The app is available for Android and iOS on smartphones. 

For iPhone or iPad

Download on app store


  • iOS 12.0 or later

For Android mobile devices

Download on Google Play Store


  • Android 11.0 (Red Velvet Cake) or later


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