Calculate statutory holiday pay

Employees get statutory holiday pay if they work or have the day off

How to calculate statutory holiday pay

Total wages ÷ number of days worked = statutory holiday pay (an average day's pay)

Base your calculation on days worked during the 30 calendar days before the statutory holiday – include vacation days.

Include all wages – this includes salary, commission, statutory holiday pay and paid vacation. Don't include overtime.

Employees must qualify for statutory holiday pay.

Extra pay to work on a statutory holiday

Employees are paid time-and-a-half for hours worked on a statutory holiday – double-time for hours worked over 12 hours.

If an employee doesn't qualify for statutory holiday pay, they get regular pay for working on a statutory holiday.

Statutory holiday on a day off

Employees should be paid statutory holiday pay (an average day's pay) for a regular or scheduled day off that falls on a statutory holiday.

Here's an example

Alex's average day's pay is $150. On the statutory holiday, if Alex: 

  • Does not work, he's paid $150
  • Works 7 hours, he's paid time-and-a-half plus $150
  • Works 14 hours, he's paid time-and-a-half for 12 hours, plus double-time for two hours, plus $150

What you can do

If you qualify for statutory holiday pay and your employer did not pay you statutory holiday pay, find out what you can do: