Calculate statutory holiday pay

Employees get statutory holiday pay if they work or have the day off

How to calculate statutory holiday pay

Total wages ÷ number of days worked = statutory holiday pay (an average day's pay)

Base your calculation on days worked during the 30 calendar days before the statutory holiday. Include all wages. Don't include overtime.

Total wages include:

  • Regular wages, salary, commission, statutory holiday pay, paid vacation, and paid sick days required by employment standards

Number of days worked are any days when wages are earned including:

  • Paid vacation days, other paid statutory holidays, and paid sick days required by employment standards

Employees must qualify for statutory holiday pay.

Extra pay to work on a statutory holiday

Employees are paid time-and-a-half for hours worked on a statutory holiday – double-time for hours worked over 12 hours.

If an employee doesn't qualify for statutory holiday pay, they get regular pay for working on a statutory holiday.

Statutory holiday on a day off

Employees should be paid statutory holiday pay (an average day's pay) for a regular or scheduled day off that falls on a statutory holiday.

Here's an example

Alex's average day's pay is $150. On the statutory holiday, if Alex: 

  • Does not work, he's paid $150
  • Works 7 hours, he's paid time-and-a-half plus $150
  • Works 14 hours, he's paid time-and-a-half for 12 hours, plus double-time for two hours, plus $150

What you can do

If you qualify for statutory holiday pay and your employer did not pay you statutory holiday pay, find out what you can do: