Qualify for statutory holiday pay

Employees get paid for statutory holidays if they're qualified

Basic rules

Employees receive statutory holiday pay if they:

  • Have been employed for 30 calendar days


  • Have worked or earned wages (like paid vacation days or another statutory holiday) on 15 of the 30 days before a statutory holiday

Some people think employees only need to work the day before and the day after to qualify for statutory holiday pay. This isn't the case in B.C.

If an employee does not qualify for statutory holiday pay, they are paid regular pay for working on a statutory holiday.

Some employees are excluded

Some employees do not receive statutory holiday pay. Check the Employment Standards Regulation for more information:

What you can do

Dig deeper. Find out if you qualify for statutory holiday pay by answering a series of questions about your specific work situation.

Calculate statutory holiday pay. Statutory holiday pay is equal to an average day's pay. Employees are paid statutory holiday pay if they work or take the day off.