Name Your Society or Extraprovincial Non-share Corporation

B.C. societies must have their name approved and reserved for their use before they can proceed with certain filings such as incorporation, restoration or a name change. The same applies to extraprovincial non-share corporations for filings such as registration, reinstatement and a change of assumed name.

This protects the public interest by ensuring the public is not confused or misled by similar names held by B.C. societies, companies, cooperatives and extraprovincial corporations.

Note: Name approval does not provide proprietary rights or interests in names.

How to Name Your Society or Non-share Corporation

Name requests may be denied for various reasons. Learn the naming rules and make sure no one else is using the same name before you submit your request.

Research Name Choices

Save time and money by researching your preferred name choices before you apply. Search for existing organization names online or retain the services of a qualified service provider to do this for you.

Name Request Online - Use the research choices option to search for B.C. societies, companies, cooperatives and extraprovincial corporations.

Submit Your Name Request for Approval

Once you have decided on your name choices, submit your name request and payment through Societies Online

Note: Name requests will be part of a main filing (such as incorporation) so choose the main filing from the Societies Online menu to get to the name request application.

Approval Process and Results

Your three name choices, listed in order of preference, will be examined and compared to existing names on the register. A name choice that is identical to an existing name, can be confused with an existing name, or that does not meet the basic criteria will not be approved. 

Once your name is approved, it is reserved for 56 calendar days.

During this time you will need to gather information and complete the online application (filing). A fee is charged if you need to extend this reservation period. Once the reservation period expires, anyone may take the name.

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