Requesting Searches & Certificates

Search Corporate Records

If there is a company or society of interest to you, start by reviewing their records on file at BC Registries and Online Services. Companies and societies are required to keep their records up to date with the Registry and within their own place of business. All Registry files are accessible to the public.

Information from a search

Check out this two-page example of a search result. It has facts that indicate the status of the company or society by presenting key information on file, including:

  • Status - the company is active or not active
  • Recognition/incorporation date – when they were incorporated, registered, amalgamated within BC 
  • Last Annual Report - with date filed
  • Previous company name(s)
  • Registered office address
  • Records office address
  • Names of Directors, Officers – often included in annual reports

Shareholders and share certificate details are not available. You need to contact the registered office of the company for this information.

Search options

You can request any of the following:

  • A search for Small Claims Court
  • ​A search of active or historical registrations
  • Certificate of Status
  • ​Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certified Work
  • Letters Under Seal
  • No Record Letter

Copies of the applicable documentation are available upon request. Please call BC Registries and Online Services at 1 877 526-1526 to speak with a representative who will calculate the cost for photocopies or certified copies.

Certificate of Status

This document verifies the status of a company or society and proves it is not in the process of dissolving. A Certificate of Status is issued only to a company or society formed in B.C. 

Certificate of Good Standing

This certificate is issued only when a company or society is up-to-date with the filing of their annual reports. If a company or society is not up-to-date, they are "not in good standing" and cannot order a Certificate of Good Standing.

For companies or societies incorporated outside of the province and registered in B.C. (known as an extraprovincial), you may request a Certificate of Good Standing that certifies the company or society is registered in the province and up-to-date with filing annual reports. 

Certificates of Good Standing are no longer issued to companies or societies formed in Alberta or Saskatchewan, general partnerships, limited partnerships or sole proprietorships.  A Letter Under Seal can be requested for these entities certifying registration in B.C.

How to Submit Your Request

You can submit by mail or in person at any Service BC centre, or through BC OnLine if you are an account holder. 

If submitting by mail please ensure you include the following details:

  • Business name
  • Registration / Incorporation Number or Business Number
  • List of the items you are requesting
  • Your name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address
  • Your full return mailing address

If requesting a Certificate of Good Standing, please include a Certificate of Good Standing Order form (PDF).

Ensure you include payment with your request and make your cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance.