Check processing times for BC Registries and Online Services

Request priority service ($100 fee + filing fee) if you need to have a service completed in 1 to 2 business days.

Updated :January 19, 2022  – Please note, these processing times are updated weekly. There may be daily variances.

Incorporated companies

Extraprovinical registration for limited liability companies (LLCs) 4 business day
Extraprovincial change of name 0 business day
Extraprovincial amalgamation 10 business days
Application to continue out of B.C. 20 business days
Dissolution 41 business days
Restoration 10 business days
Limited partnership application 21 business days
Limited liability partnership application   21 business days

Cooperative associations

Amendment, resolution  54 business days
Restoration 41 business days


Correction 10 business days
Restoration 41 business days

Sole proprietorships and general partnerships

Registration 43 business days

Manufactured homes

Registration or change 26 business days

Personal property

Registrations or change 15 business days

Search requests

Request for business or organization records 7 business days
Request for Certificate of Status 4 business days
Request for Letter Under Seal or Certificate of Good Standing 4 business days

Name requests  Updated : January 19, 2022 – Please note, these processing times are updated weekly. There may be daily variances.

Review and approval  11 business days

Ask for help

Contact the BC Registries helpdesk for help Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The registry does not provide business or legal advice.

Toll free: 1-877-526-1526
Victoria: 250 387-7848

Support and services

Contact the team at Dye & Durham, our preferred legal service provider, for support filling out forms or filing documents.

Explore business resources and support services from the Small Business Branch or Small Business BC.