Incorporated Companies

In B.C., incorporation creates a legal entity known as a corporation, commonly referred to as a company. Three types of companies may be created through incorporation:

  • Limited company (most common)
  • Unlimited liability company
  • Community contribution company

What Incorporation Means

Companies are incorporated in B.C. under the Business Corporations Act. The Act gives incorporated companies:

  • All the powers of an individual
  • An independent existence – separate and distinct from its shareholders
  • An unlimited life expectancy

A company can acquire assets, go into debt, enter into contracts, sue or be sued.

To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate

The decision of whether to incorporate depends on the goals of the organization and needs of the individuals involved (often called principals). If you have questions about whether or not to incorporate, ask an expert and  seek legal advice.

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Other Incorporated Organizations

Cooperative Associations and Societies (not-for-profit organizations) are also incorporated but under different legislation.