Public school policies

Policies for the public Kindergarten to Grade 12 education system are organized by policy title, date and status.

 Title  Date  Status
Accumulated operating surplus May 28, 2021 New
Adult Funding

Issued and in effect after May 1, 2015

Revised Jan, 2015

Adult Graduation Program Revised July 2018 Current
Alternate Education Program 2009 Current
Alternative Delivery in the Physical and Health Education and Planning 10 Curricula July 1, 2018 Revised
Allocation of Proceeds from the Disposition of Capital Assets February 18, 2004 Under Review
Anaphylaxis Protection September 2007
Last Revised 2009
Annual Facility Grant May 31, 2002.
Revised May 6, 2021
B.C. Teacher Education Approval Program Standards January 9, 2012 Current

Board/Authority Authorized Courses and First Nation Authorized Courses

Issued and in effect January 2004
Revised June 2018, and in effect July 1st, 2021

Career Development N/A Current
Career-Life Connections and WorkSafeBC Coverage June, 2019 (TBD) Current
CommunityLINK July 1, 2006 Current
Compliance Program September 1, 2002 Current
Daily Physical Activity

September 2008
Last Revised July 2018

Diversity in BC Schools May 2001.
Last Revised May 2017
Earning Credit through Equivalency, Challenge, External Credentials, Post Secondary Credit and Independent Directed Studies

Revised June 2018; in effect July 1, 2018

Eligibility of Students for Operating Grant Funding

Issued and in effect May 25, 2011

Revised March 18, 2013

English Language Learning Students

March 3, 1999
Last Revised, May 2017

Equipment Allowances May 9, 1994.
Last Revised December 7, 2012
Under Review
Financial planning and reporting May 28, 2021 New
Fine Arts and Applied Skills Requirements in the Graduation Program January 1, 2004
Deleted July 1, 2018
Five Year Capital Plan May 4, 1994.
Last Revised December 7, 2012
Under Review
Framework for Enhancing Student Learning July 6, 2020 Revised
French Immersion Program 1996 Current
Graduation Credentials for Francophone and French Immersion Students 2004 Current
Graduation Requirements

July 2018

Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in B.C. Schools 2005
Last Revised in 2013
Homeschooling Revised:  June 2021 Current
International Student Graduation Credit July 1, 2004
Last Revised July 1, 2019
K-12 Funding – Indigenous Education September 1, 2002
Last Revised September 1, 2010
K-12 Funding – English Language Learning (ELL) September 1, 2002
Last Revised July 1, 2011
K-12 Funding - General March 1, 2002
Last Revised January 2014
K-12 Funding – Newcomer Refugees January 2011 Current
K-12 Funding - Special Needs March 1, 2002 Current
Language Education

Last Revised 2004

Large-Scale Assessment September 29, 2017 Revised
Learning Resources July 1, 2017 New
Learning Resources: Challenges to the Use of Recommended Learning Resources August, 2002 Deleted
Learning Resources: Provincial Approval Process August, 2002 Deleted
Learning Resources: Withdrawal of Recommended Learning Resources June 1, 2000 Deleted
Ministry-Authorized Work Experience Courses and Workplace Safety January 2004, revised TBD Current
Online Learning Policy July 1, 2023 New
Professional Conduct January 9, 2012 Current
Protection of Personal Information when Reporting on Small Populations July 1, 2004
Revised 2020
Provincial Scholarships Program

July 1, 2016
Revised July 2021  

Provision of Menstrual Products April, 2019 New
Recognition of Post-Secondary Transition Programs for Funding Purposes July 1, 2005 Current
Safe and Caring School Communities 2004.
Last Revised May 2017
School Building Closure and Disposal September 3, 2008 Under Review
School Trustee Election Procedures July 2014  Current
Special Education Last Revised July 1, 2006 Current
Standards for Educators January, 2012 Current
StrongStart BC Early Learning Centre

May 1, 2009

Revised May 2017

StrongStart BC Early Learning Outreach Programs May 13, 2009
Revised May 2017
Student Credentials July 1, 2017 Revised
Student Reporting July 1, 2023 Current
Students Who are Refugees Last Revised May 2017 Current
Summer Learning July 1st, 2013 Current
Teacher Certification January 9, 2012 Current
Testing Lead Content in Drinking Water of School Facilities September 26, 2016
Last Revised April 1, 2019


  • Current Policy: Policy that is no longer considered new or revised, or that is not deleted or under review.
  • Deleted Policy: Policy that is no longer in effect or sanctioned by the Ministry of Education and Child Care. A deleted policy will remain posted until the end of the school year in which it is deleted.
  • New Policy: Policy that has never before been formally stated or communicated as policy. A policy is considered "new" for the duration of the school year in which the policy takes effect.
  • Revised Policy: Policy incorporating changes to a previous policy. A policy is considered "revised" for the duration of the school year in which the revised policy takes effect.
  • Under Review Policy: Policy that is under active review for revision or deletion. The policy is still in effect while it is under review.