School Trustees Election Procedures

Date came into force or revised

July 2014



Policy statement

This policy provides boards of education with a convenient guide to the election of boards of school trustees. The guide is not intended to be a legal reference or text.

Rationale or purpose of policy

The guide, School Trustee Election Procedures in British Columbia 2014, brings together all relevant provisions of Acts and regulations governing board of education elections. Its purpose is to make the Act and regulations more accessible and comprehensible to the layperson and board of education officials. The guide is intended to serve as a quick reference.


Sections 30 to 54 of the School Act (PDF) create the legal framework for the establishment of Boards of Education, trustee qualifications, trustee elections, and the holding of office.

Sections 33 to 156 of the Local Government Act (PDF) establish the legal framework for the conduct of elections.

Policy in full

Section 35 of the School Act states that elections of all trustees, to be known collectively as a general school election, must be held in 2014 and in every fourth year after that. General voting day for the general school election must be on the third Saturday of November in the year of the election.

Procedures related to policy

The trustee election procedures are set out in the guide, School Trustee Election Procedures in British Columbia 2014 (PDF).