Special hiring programs

Last updated: April 7, 2022

The programs below provide unique opportunities to work in the BC Public Service.

A full job competition process is not required for special hiring programs or employment programs, but the principle of merit must be applied.

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Co-op Employment Program

The Co-op Employment Program is for students enrolled in a recognized co-operative education program at a participating post-secondary institution.

Work assignments integrate students' academic studies with related hands-on experience in their field of choice. 

To learn more about the Co-op Employment Program.

Indigenous Youth Internship Program

The highly successful Indigenous Youth Internship Program (IYIP) is for Indigenous youth who live in B.C.

The government assignments are typically for 9 months, followed by 3 months in an Indigenous organization.

Work-Able Internship Program

Work-Able is a post-secondary internship program for graduates with disabilities.

Consider how your ministry can be involved in this program.

Youth Employment Program

The Youth Employment Program is for students who have attended an accredited educational institution (including high school) within the last 6 months. Work projects last from one to 4 months.

To learn more about the Youth Employment Program, refer to Article 34.3 in the BCGEU Collective Agreement (PDF, 3.7MB). For details about pay, refer to Appendix 3F.


Review Corporate social responsibility for information on volunteer programs available to BC Public Service employees.

Secondment and exchange programs

Secondments and exchange programs are temporary opportunities for employees to work with organizations, agencies, societies, commissions or industry outside of government.

There can be reciprocal arrangements to bring employees into government.

International Association for Students of Economics and Business (AIESEC)

AISEC organizes foreign work experience for students with interests in business.

Hiring follows the same guidelines and procedures that apply to co-op students

The program is an opportunity for ministries to benefit from employing well-qualified foreign students. It also allows British Columbia students to experience business environments in other countries.

Students in this program may be at the undergraduate level (such as working towards a diploma or Bachelor's degree) or graduate level (such as working towards a post-graduate degree).

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