Principle of Merit

Hiring decisions are based on to the principle of merit to ensure they are non-partisan and reflect competence and ability to do the job.

The Public Service Act states that the matters to be considered in determining merit must, having regard to the nature of the duties to be performed, include the applicant's education, skills, knowledge, experience, past work performance and years of continuous service in the public service. 

Merit has been the foundation of hiring in the public service for more than 100 years and is an important factor in ensuring that we have a strong, neutral workforce that is capable of providing excellent service to the public.

Hiring managers are responsible for conducting a fair, consistent and transparent process that results in the appointment of a qualified and competent applicant. 

  • The successful applicant meets your stated job requirements
  • The assessment of applicants directly relates to the job requirements
  • You have considered the factors of merit (see above)
  • You followed applicable collective agreement provisions, such as calculation of years of continuous service for BCGEU and PEA positions
  • You have notified all applicants of the competition results
  • You have considered all staffing review requests before confirming the appointment
  • Your hiring process is well documented

All appointments are merit-based, with some exceptions noted in the Act.