Co-operative Education Training Program

The Co-operative Education Training Program has been, and continues to be, one of the most successful ways of recruiting new talent into the BC Public Service - around the organization, nearly 1,200 regular employees started their careers through this program.  

The Co-operative Education Training Program provides post-secondary students with a work placement in government that allows them to explore the public service and to expand their skills by working on projects that augment their field of study.  Under the Co-operative Education Training Program, the nature of the work is aligned with the student's academic discipline, and significant emphasis is placed on training, learning, development, growth, support and mentoring.  

Co-op work terms are typically four, eight or twelve-month auxiliary appointments, as they align with the post-secondary trimester system (Winter: January - April; Summer: May - August; Fall: September - December).

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the BC Public Service’s Co-operative Education Training Program, co-op students must registered in a recognized co-operative education program at a post-secondary institution.  Although co-op employees who are participating in the Co-operative Education Training Program are BC Public Service employees, the co-op component of a student's degree forms part of their formal education (i.e., each co-op work term is worth academic credit).


Opportunities to work for the BC Public Service through the Co-operative Education Training Program are typically advertised through the co-op offices at post-secondary institutions.  Hiring managers are encouraged to post co-op opportunities at all participating post-secondary institutions with related academic programs.  For hiring managers looking to post a co-op opportunity, check out the Co-op Connect HubRestricted Access for a list of all recognized co-operative education programs in BC along with the post-secondary institution contacts.

The Co-operative Education Training Program offers two employment options depending on the schooling of the co-op student:

  • Level 1 is for students working towards a diploma or bachelor’s degree
  • Level 2 is for students working towards a post-graduate degree

For more information about the program, please refer to Article 34.2 in the BCGEU Collective Agreement (PDF, 3.7MB). Check out the Salary Look Up Tool for the most up to date salary information for the Co-operative Education Training Program.


For students interested in finding a co-op job with the BC Public Service, check your post-secondary institution co-op job site and follow the application instructions listed in the job posting:

Co-op Program and Resource Office

The Co-op Program and Resource Office is a new corporate resource within Public Service Agency for any and all employees interested in, or engaged in the Co-operative Education Training Program with the BC Public Service.  The office was launched in May 2017, born out of our corporate plan, Where Ideas Work (PDF, 2.6MB), as one of the ways in which the organization is looking to replenish the workforce, better reflect the citizens we serve, incorporate a variety of perspectives and backgrounds to enhance both creativity and innovation, and solve problems more effectively.

The Co-op Program and Resource Office organizes events, and provides information, resources and tools to co-op employees, supervisors and hiring managers to help support them through their co-op journey.