Work-Able Graduate Internship Program

Last updated on April 4, 2024

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What is Work-Able?

The Work-Able Graduate Internship Program coordinates paid internships across the BC Public Service for recent post-secondary graduates self-identifying as having a disability. All internships are 12 months long, running from September to September. Work-Able encourages people with disabilities to consider the BC Public Service as a career choice and fosters an inclusive workplace culture through shared learning and experience.

Who are Work-Able interns?

Work-Able interns are people with disabilities who recently completed their post-secondary education interested in pursuing a career in the BC Public Service. Successful candidates meet all eligibility criteria and pass all stages of recruitment including a comprehensive questionnaire, written assessment, behavioural competency interview and past work performance check.

Where do Work-Able interns work?

Work-Able interns work across the BC Public Service in temporary positions developed by host ministries. Each year Work-Able invites ministries to participate in the program by hosting an intern. Interested teams submit their proposal to Work-Able, including a job profile for the work to be carried out by an intern. Work-Able positions are developed by participating host ministries but must meet the program’s requirements and align with its position guidelines. Positions are typically developed by the supervisor or manager who directly supervises the intern.

Work-Able program support

Work-Able provides ongoing support, learning and professional development opportunities throughout the internship.

Support for interns

  • Orientation week
  • Cohort meetings
  • Program days
  • Regular check-ins
  • Learning fund
  • Assigned mentor

Supports for supervisors and mentors

  • Work-Able orientation sessions
  • Group meetings and learning sessions
  • Advice and coaching for accommodations
  • Curated information and resources
  • Dedicated MS Teams channel

Work-Able roles and responsibilities


When supervising a Work-Able intern, supervisors have the same responsibilities and accountabilities as when supervising other employees. Find more information about supervising in the BC Public Service on the resources, training and support for supervisors page. . New supervisors should explore the recommended training for supervisors and managers on the Learning Hub (IDIR restricted) before signing up to supervise a Work-Able intern.

Work-Able supervisors also participate in Work-Able programming and events throughout the 12-month internship and during recruitment and hiring.


Mentors play an important role in the day-to-day experience of Work-Able Interns. They are a trusted resource providing advice and support in the workplace. Mentors help interns understand their duties and responsibilities in the workplace and assist them in navigating workplace culture. Mentors do not have a reporting relationship with their interns. They do not assign work and are not responsible for holding an intern accountable for their work.

Executive sponsor

Executive sponsors have an important role in supporting the continuity of a ministry’s participation in Work-Able. If a supervisor moves on to a new role, the executive sponsor helps identify a new or temporary supervisor for the intern and supports the transition as the new supervisor is oriented to their roles and responsibilities.


Work-Able is responsible for the design, implementation and continuous improvement of the program.

  • Before the internship begins, Work-Able leads the recruitment and hiring processes
  • During the internship, Work-Able carries out programming and events for interns, supervisors and mentors
  • Work-Able also provides advice and financial support for supervisors to implement accommodations in the workplace

Information for potential applicants

What are the benefits to being a Work-Able intern?

  • Paid experience and a strong foundation for a career in the BC Public Service
  • Learn about different roles and potential career paths in government
  • Peer support in a cohort of other recent graduates with disabilities
  • Networking and professional development
  • Dedicated support for disability accommodations in the workplace if needed
  • Access to internal BC Public Service job postings for 12 months after successfully completing the internship

How are Work-Able interns hired?

Recruitment is competitive and aligns with the hiring process for other jobs in the BC Public Service. Work-Able uses assessment and selection techniques to hire interns on the principle of merit including:

  • Screening applicants
  • Assessing applicants
  • Rating applicants
  • Conducting interviews
  • Past work performance

Who is eligible to apply to Work-Able?

Work-Able welcomes post-secondary graduates identifying as having any type of disability to apply. This includes any physical, sensory, neurological, visible or invisible disabilities.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Recent post-secondary graduate with one of the following: 
    • Two-year diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctorate from a recognized post-secondary institution
    • Graduation date must be within 3 years of internship start date
  • Self-identify as having a disability
  • Resident of British Columbia
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada

Work-Able does not ask applicants to disclose their specific disability or diagnosis.  

Apply to Work-Able for 2024-25

Work-Able accepts applications once a year in early March for internship positions beginning the following September. The posting for the 2024-25 internship has now closed. Please visit this page in March 2025 for information on 2025-26 internship recruitment.

Information for host ministries

What are the benefits to hosting a Work-Able intern?

  • Temporary staffing for unique projects
  • Full-service hiring (applicant screening, assessments, and interviews)
  • Advice and financial support for implementing disability accommodations in the workplace like hardware, software, furniture or interpretive services
  • Ongoing support for supervisors and mentors throughout the 12-month internship including networking and learning opportunities
  • Empowers people leaders to champion accessibility and inclusion in the workplace
  • Supports a skilled workforce that represents the communities we serve

How do I host a Work-Able intern?

Work-Able accepts proposals to host an intern from interested ministries early in the new year for internships that start the following September. There are 3 components to a ministry’s proposal to host an intern: an expression of interest, job description and financial approval.

Not all interested host ministries are matched with an intern. Successful Work-Able candidates are hired into positions based on skills, experience and position accountabilities.

Refer to Proposal to host a Work-Able intern on Compass (IDIR restricted) for detailed instructions.

What is the Work-Able program fee?

In addition to the intern’s salary, host ministries pay a program fee for their interns to participate in Work-Able. The program fee supports the cost of:

  • Workplace accommodations, including contracting assistive technology services and consultations
  • Core programming like learning and professional development
  • Travel for in-person events
  • Staffing and administration

What are the 2024-25 timelines for Work-Able?

January / February: Ministry recruitment

  • Recruitment of ministries to host interns for 2024-25
  • Ministry proposals must be submitted by February 23

March: Job posting is open

  • The job posting for Work-Able positions beginning in September 2024 closed on March 25th. Please visit this page in March 2025 for information on 2025-26 internship recruitment

April / May: Screening and assessment

  • Work-Able screens candidates
  • Candidates complete further hiring assessments, such as written assessments, and oral interviews

June: Hiring and job offers

  • Candidates are matched into available internship positions
  • Successful candidates receive letters for positions beginning in September

July / August: Supervisors prepare for interns

  • Order computers, hardware or software needed for the job
  • Plan for onboarding and orientation of intern
  • Participate in Work-Able Supervisor orientation

September 9: Internship begins

  • Week of September 9: Work-Able leads program orientation for interns
  • September 16: Interns begin regular duties in their new job

Contact information

To connect with Work-Able directly please email us.