Work-Able Graduate Internship Program

Last updated: March 27, 2023

The Work-Able Graduate Internship Program coordinates paid internships across the BC Public Service for recent post-secondary graduates that self-identify as having a disability. All internships are 12-months long and run from September to September. 

The Work-Able Graduate Internship Program aims to encourage people with disabilities to consider the BC Public Service as a career choice and creates opportunities to foster an equitable and inclusive workplace culture through shared learning and experience.

The Work-Able Graduate Internship Program welcomes post-secondary graduates that identify as having any type of disability to apply including physical, sensory, neurological, visible, or invisible disabilities. Work-Able will never ask applicants to disclose their specific disability. 

Who is eligible to apply for Work-Able?

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Recent post-secondary graduate with one of the following: 
    • 2-year diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate from a recognized post-secondary institution (graduation date must be within three years of internship start date)
  • Self-identify as having a disability
  • Resident of British Columbia
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada

What do Work-Able interns gain?

  • Paid experience working in the BC Public Service
  • Opportunities to learn about different roles within government and potential career paths
  • Peer support and inclusion in a cohort of other recent graduates that identify as having a disability
  • Networking with other professionals and BC Public Service employees with disabilities
  • Support in pursuing workplace accommodations for disabilities if needed
  • In-service status beginning eight weeks prior to the end of the internship and extending to a period of one year after successful completion of the internship
  • Access to potential further employment opportunities in the BC Public Service

Work-Able Internship Program

How Work-Able benefits supervisors

  • Full-service hiring with job profile(s), applicant screening, assessments, including interviews
  • Increased capacity to lead equitable and inclusive workplaces and teams
  • Direct support in developing and coordinating accommodations for the intern
  • Funding for equipment and coordination of available accommodation supports (such as adjustable desks, software, larger screens, interpretive services, building accessibility improvements)
  • Continued support to supervisors throughout the 12-month internship
  • Opportunity to network with other supervisors and teams that are participating in the program

Recruitment process

  • Competitive application process with three phases that align with BC Public Service hiring practices:
    1. Resume and Questionnaire
    2. Written Assignment
    3. Interview
  • Applicants that are screened in (i.e., meet the eligibility criteria) have access to information sessions that outline the hiring process and what to expect, and access to coaching and practice interviews
  • Accommodations are provided throughout the process
  • Successful candidates that pass the written assignment and interview phase are matched to available internship positions based on interests, education, and experience


January to Mid-March

  • Ministries express interest hiring an intern in the coming September and submit appropriate documentation to the Work-Able program

March / April

  • Job Posting is complete, including job profiles for all available internship positions for the following September
  • Opportunity is posted on job-boards
  • Applicants may now apply

May / June

  • Applicant Screening
  • Information sessions, coaching, and practice interviews for applicants that have screened in
  • Written assignments and interviews

July / August

  • Matching of successful applicants to available internship positions
  • Coaching and information sessions for Supervisors and Mentors


  • Internship begins

Apply to the Work-Able Graduate Internship Program

The Work-Able program is open for applications for the September 2023 cohort. Job Posting and Instructions.