How to Post a Job

You need to create a Hiring RequestRestricted Access to post your job.

Your hiring request will be processed faster if you have approval to hire, a position number and current, accurate information (for example, location and job profile) about the position. Choose the best option for your hiring needs.

Select Your Hiring Need

Select one of these options on the Hiring Request form:  

  • Select "I need to post a position"
  • A recruiter is available to work with you throughout the entire hiring process
  • You will receive hiring tools, advice and assistance as required
  • For more information on the recruitment process, please see the Steps in the Hiring Process page and the Forms & Tools for Hiring Managers page on MyHR
  • Select "I need to hire from an Eligibility list"
  • An eligibility list is an inventory of pre-qualified candidates in ranked order that have been assessed in a previous competition
  • If choosing this option, you must provide the requisition number or the ticket number for the original posting. The eligibility list must also still be active
  • This service only includes the hiring letter and delivery of onboarding documentation to the successful applicant. You're responsible for managing your eligibility lists and providing the name of the successful applicant
  • Select "This is an Agency, Board and Commission hiring request"
  • Select this option if you're hiring for an agency, board or commission
  • You can decide if applicants apply using the Recruitment Management System or a different method or website