Secondment & Exchange Programs

Secondments and exchange programs are temporary opportunities for employees to work with organizations, agencies, societies, commissions or industry outside of government. Reciprocal arrangements can also bring employees into government.

Employees may exchange places for a defined period of time. This option is usually considered when both the outside agency and the government would benefit from a sharing of knowledge or experience. Employees gain experience and exposure to a different work culture while still doing a type of work for which they are qualified and bring back an enhanced competence and new learning to their workplace.

Work is usually of an ongoing but temporary or project nature and the arrangement is time limited. Employees usually remain on the pay system of their base organization during the term of secondment or exchange leave. Additional expenses may be incurred if travel or accommodation arrangements are involved.

An agreement needs to be documented and signed by both the deputy minister and an equivalent authority with the outside agency.

At a minimum, the agreement should include:

  • How the two organizations will share the cost of wages, benefits and expenses
  • The nature and location of the duties
  • The duration of the secondment
  • The procedure should either party wish to end the secondment
  • All other particulars of the agreement

Contact the BC Public Service Agency for secondment agreement forms and to talk with an advisor.