Salaries, Overtime & Other Wages

Download current and past pay statements through Employee Self Service. If you have been over or underpaid, contact AskMyHR. Submit a service request using the category Myself (or) My Team or Organization > Pay > Over/Under Payments.

The current salary rate for your classification can be found on the Salary Look-Up Tool.  Future salary rates, if known, can also be found on the tool.


Most non-management positions have a set schedule for incremental salary increases.

Substitution Pay

If you temporarily have to take on the principle duties of a higher-classified position, you may be eligible for substitution pay.

Temporary Appointment Pay

See what happens with your pay when you work in a different position to gain new experience and skills.

Temporary Market Adjustment

Hiring managers use temporary market adjustments (TMAs) or recruitment and retention adjustments (RRAs) to attract employees during skill shortages. Once a shortage ends, they return to their regular pay structure.

Salary Protection

Your salary is protected in the case of an involuntary demotion. You could be demoted if your job is reclassified downward or if you’re assigned to a lower position due to workforce restructuring.

Under Implementation

Fully qualified applicants are not always available for every position. This creates unique opportunities for employees in some jobs to learn as they go.