Salaries, Overtime & Other Wages

Current and past pay statements can be downloaded through Employee Self Service. If you have been over or underpaid, contact AskMyHR.

The current salary rate for your classification can be found on the Salary Look-up Tool.  Future salary rates, if known, can also be found on the tool.


Most non-management positions have a set schedule for incremental salary increases.

Substitution Pay

Employees required to temporarily take on the principle duties of a higher-classified position may be eligible for substitution pay.

Temporary Appointment Pay

What happens with your pay when you get the opportunity to work in a different position in order to gain new experiences and skills.

Temporary Market Adjustment

Adjustments to salaries for negotiated jobs are made in order to recruit and retain skilled employees during a labour market shortage.

Salary Protection

Provisions are in place to protect your salary in the case of an involuntary demotion. 

Under Implementation

Fully qualified applicants are not always available for every position. This creates unique opportunities for employees in some jobs to learn as they go.