Travel Expenses

The Ministry of Finance oversees travel policy. For detailed allowances and reimbursements read the Ministry of Finance's Travel Policy. You will be allowed certain travel allowances and expenses depending on your travel allowance group.

Paying for Travel

Apply for a travel credit card to pay for travel and approved expenses. Pay the monthly statement balances and claim for reimbursement. Most travel expenses are covered using this method, with the exception of airline tickets and some taxi billings. For expenses related to meals, please note that where a meal is provided without charge or is paid for from public funds, no claim for that meal can be made.

Be sure to keep all receipts and remember to

  • Obtain expense authority approval to travel before expenses are incurred
  • Certify that your travel expense claims are correct, complete and comply with policy

Vehicles & Mileage

When public transportation or a privately owned vehicle is not available or economical, a government car is the first choice. Use the following criteria to select appropriate vehicle use for your business travel.

For daily travel under 150 km per day

  • Public transportation
  • Privately owned vehicle

For daily travel greater than 150 km per day

  • Government car
  • Rental car

If you are buying insurance when renting a car, read Travel/Vehicles - Chapter 10.3.9 of the Core Policy and Procedures Manual.

Claim mileage when using your own vehicle for business travel or getting to a departure location (for example, airport, bus or ferry terminal). Carpooling is expected when it's practical do so in order to minimize costs and the production of greenhouse gas emissions. See Appendix 1 - Travel Allowances (PDF, 51KB) for rates.

Accommodation & Lodging

Stay with family or friends while working away from home and claim the private accommodation allowance as per the Travel Allowances Appendix 1 (PDF, 51KB). Or use the business travel accommodation listing to find a hotel that qualifies for reimbursement.


Claim meal or per diem expenses (PDF, 104KB) based on your travel allowance group. To claim meals, travel status must

  • Begin before 7 am on the date of departure to claim breakfast
  • Begin before 12 pm on the date of departure to claim lunch
  • End after 6 pm on the date of return to claim dinner

Miscellaneous Allowances & Reimbursements

Each night away, we'll pick up the tab for a five-minute phone call home. Some employees also receive a per diem that includes allowances such as personal phone calls, laundry, dry cleaning and porterage fees. 

Travel Outside the Province

Read the Foreign Travel Guide (PDF, 523KB) (IDIR Required) to learn more about travel outside the province.