Work clothing

Last updated: June 20, 2018

Some BC Public Service employees have to wear clothing specific to their job.

In these situations, uniforms, protective clothing and equipment are supplied, or employees are reimbursed for buying the items.

For specific information such as reimbursement amounts, refer to your specific Collective agreement.

Safety footwear

Reimbursement form

Reimbursement conditions

Regular PEA and BCGEU Environmental, Technical and Operational employees required to wear safety footwear will be reimbursed for receipts once every 2 years for:

  • Safety-toed footwear
  • Caulk boots

BCGEU Retail Stores and Warehouse employees required to wear safety-toed footwear will be reimbursed for receipts once every 2 years with the following eligibility:

  • Regular employees and auxiliaries who have worked 1,827 hours in a 15-month period
  • Auxiliary employees who have worked in excess of 210 hours

Regular Administrative Services Component and Social, Information and Health Component employees required to wear safety-toed footwear will be reimbursed every 2 years with receipts for:

  • Safety-toed footwear

Time frame

You may only be reimbursed once every 2 calendar years. You are not eligible to receive a claim until you have gone one full calendar year without being reimbursed. Boot allowances include taxes.


  • If you received reimbursement for safety footwear in 2016, you must wait one calendar year before being eligible to submit a new claim for reimbursement. The earliest date you can apply for reimbursement for new safety footwear is Jan 1, 2018