Education & Training Support

The cost of job-related courses or training is covered when an employer requires an employee to take training. These costs may include

  • Tuition fees
  • Entrance or registration fees
  • Course-required books
  • Other approved and legitimate expenses such as travel expenses incurred when commuting to a course

Some examples of courses where costs can be covered are

  • On-campus courses at accredited educational institutions taken for credit
  • Correspondence courses taken from recognized schools
  • Work-related or business courses taken from recognized schools
  • Technical courses taken from recognized engineering/ technical institutions
  • Job-related seminars

Employees wishing to gain further education may be eligible to obtain funding through Pacific Leaders scholarships. 

Conferences, Conventions & Other Meetings

Reimbursement for registration and conference fees may be granted when employees are required or permitted to attend conferences or similar meetings that directly relate to their job duties.

Receiving Financial Support Outside Work

Employees are responsible for reporting all sources of outside financial support for education and training including scholarships, bursaries or other types of assistance. Training costs may be partially or not at all covered when receiving outside support.