Employee Benefits

The following employees are eligible for benefits:

  • Regular employees (full and part-time).
  • Auxiliary employees who've completed 1,827 hours of work in 33 pay periods with the same ministry.
  • Auxiliary employees (BCGEU only) who have worked three consecutive years with the same ministry without a loss of seniority and have 1,200 hours of straight-time in the past 26 pay periods.

For information about when coverage begins, please read Benefits for Bargaining Unit Employees - When Does Coverage Begin? and Benefits for Excluded Employees - When Does Coverage Begin?


The following dependants are eligible:

  • A same or opposite sex, legal or common-law spouse.
  • Children under the age of 19 or full-time students under the age of 25.
  • Children with mental or physical disabilities over the age of 19.

See your benefits guide for more information.

To include a common-law spouse (opposite or same sex), you'll sign a declaration or affidavit that you've been living in a common-law relationship or cohabiting for at least 12 months. The cohabitation period may be less than 12 months if you claimed the common-law spouse's child/children for tax purposes.

You have to wait 12 months between removing a former common-law spouse and adding a new one. This waiting period only applies in this case; it doesn't apply when you're going from a legal spouse to a common-law spouse, legal spouse to a legal spouse, or common-law spouse to a legal spouse.

Health & Welfare Allowance (Auxiliary Employees)

In lieu of health and welfare benefits, auxiliary employees receive a compensation allowance. Refer to the Work Related Expenses & Allowances page for rate information.