Employee benefits

Last updated: January 3, 2023

The following employees are eligible for benefits:

  • Regular employees (full- and part-time). These employees may be required to serve a waiting period, please read the benefit plan information that applies to you
  • Auxiliary employees who've completed 1,827 hours of work in 33 pay periods with the same ministry
  • Auxiliary employees (BCGEU only) who have worked 3 consecutive years with the same ministry without a loss of seniority and have 1,200 hours of straight-time in the past 26 pay periods

For information about when coverage begins, please read the applicable benefit plan information:

Employees are responsible for reading the information provided in the benefits guides or on Careers & MyHR, and contacting AskMyHRRestricted Access if they have any questions.

To enrol for benefits, employees MUST complete the application form(s) before the deadline to be eligible for benefits when coverage begins.


The following dependants are eligible:

  • A same or opposite sex, legal or common-law spouse
  • Children under the age of 19 or full-time students under the age of 25
  • Children with mental or physical disabilities over the age of 19

Your legal or common-law spouse (opposite or same sex) who's living with you is eligible for coverage.

By enrolling your common-law spouse in your benefits plans you’re declaring that person as your common-law spouse, and that you’ve been living in a common-law relationship or cohabitating for at least 12 months. 

The cohabitation period may be less than 12 months if you claimed the common-law spouse's child/children for tax purposes. A separate form isn't required.

It's your responsibility to remove any dependants who are no longer eligible to be covered under your benefits plans. If you separate from your spouse they're no longer eligible for coverage, and any terms and conditions under separation or divorce agreements are your responsibility, not the employers.

You have to wait 12 months between removing a former common-law spouse and adding a new one. This waiting period only applies in this case; it doesn't apply when you're going from a legal spouse to a common-law spouse, legal spouse to a legal spouse or common-law spouse to a legal spouse.

Health and welfare allowance (auxiliary employees)

In lieu of health and welfare benefits, auxiliary employees receive a compensation allowance. Refer to the Work related expenses and allowances page for rate information.