Highway 1 - Kamloops to Alberta

The Trans-Canada Highway 1 is the primary east-west connection through British Columbia. It is our main gateway to the rest of Canada, and a vital route for travel, tourism and trade. 

Highway 1 Kamloops to Alberta Four-Laning Program

View of the Monte Creek interchange

Upgrading the highway to a modern, 100 km/h, four-lane standard, will allow traffic to move more safely and efficiently. Communities will be better connected, and businesses will be better able to move their products throughout the province, through our ports and beyond our borders.

The section between Kamloops and the Alberta border requires particular attention. Despite a lot of work to improve this part of the Trans-Canada in recent years, there are still many sections with sharp curves, steep grades and narrow bridges, and there are more kilometres of two-lane highway between Kamloops and Alberta than there are between the B.C.-Alberta border and Ontario.

In total, there are 337 kilometres of Highway 1 between Kamloops and the Alberta Border under provincial control (with Parks Canada responsible for the remaining 103 kilometres). Four-laning that much highway is a long-term effort, and there’s currently no timeframe for completing the entire route. However, the Province is committed to improving the safety and reliability of the corridor and has committed $648 million over the next three years to do so.