Highway 7 - Nelson to Silverdale

The Silverdale to Nelson Four-Laning project is on Highway 7 in the District of Mission. Upgrading one of the last remaining two-lane segment of highway will improve capacity and safety.

This part of Highway 7 carries 20,000 vehicles per day. It approaches capacity during peak periods.The Silverdale and Nelson intersections have higher collision rates than the provincial average. The collisions are also more severe.

The project will:

  • widen 3.6 kilometres of Highway 7 from two to four lanes
  • install a median barrier on Highway 7 between Silverdale Avenue and Nelson Street

Project cost:
$41.5 million


  • Construction contract awarded to Stuart Olson Construction Ltd.
  • Advanced tree clearing completed

Project Benefits

This project will:

  • increase capacity
  • improve safety, by eliminating any risk of a serious cross over collision


  • Construction will begin in May 2018
  • BC Hydro pole relocation began the week of April 23, 2018