West Fraser Road Flood Recovery

The ministry has finalized the design for a new 5.6-kilometre section of West Fraser Road, which will bypass the active slide areas along the section washed out in 2018.

Aerial view of the west fraser road flood wash out

In April 2018, high water levels from the spring freshet caused Narcosli Creek to erode five sections of the West Fraser Road, on the west side of the Fraser River, approximately 17 km south of Quesnel.

The damage was severe and the road had to be closed with damage spread over a three-kilometre section as follows:

  • At the north end of the 3 km section, 250 metres of road embankment washed out
  • Near the north end of the 3 km section, 100 metres of road embankment washed out
  • North of the Narcosli Bridge, a 100 metre section of road is washed out
  • At the Narcosli Bridge, the north side road embankment and rip-rap was washed out and eliminated the road and bridge connection.
  • At the switchback at Deep Creek Hill, the road embankment washed out for a length of 100 metres and another section of road embankment has slid and/or collapsed.

Up to 150 vehicles per day normally use West Fraser Road, which accesses First Nation communities, ranches, logging activities, farming lands and local residences. A detour route is in place via Garner Road and Webster Lake Road, which is a two-lane gravel road that adds 17 km in distance and between 20 and 45 minutes in travel time for a one-way trip depending on conditions.

The posted speed limit is 70 km/hour on Garner Road and 60 km/hour on Webster Road. Regular CVSE patrols and inspections are being carried out on commercial vehicles to ensure continued safety.

The construction option selected by the ministry is a new two-lane paved road on a new alignment on the east side of Narcosli Creek.  The selected option is estimated to cost $103.4 million to build.. 



West Fraser Road Recovery 3D Flyover Animation

Drone Footage of West Fraser Road Washout, May 14, 2018