Railway Crossing Information System

The Railway Crossing Information System (RCIS) complements the railway overpasses constructed as part of the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program.

Railway crossing Information System Banner Photo

The Railway Crossing Information System project will include six Motorist Advisory Signs at key locations in Langley, Surrey and the Township of Langley. The Motorist Advisory Signs will give drivers timely rail-crossing information so they can make informed travel decisions. The Railway Crossing Information System project will help reduce congestion and delays for drivers crossing the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor.

Motorist Advisory Sign Locations

Map of Motorist Advisory Sign Locations
Proposed Sign Locations: 1-Fraser Highway at 196 Street; 2-200 Street at 64 Avenue; 3-Fraser Highway at Langley Bypass; 4-200th Street at 56 Avenue; 5-56 Avenue at 192 Street; 6 - Logan Avenue at 203 Street

How the Railway Crossing Information System Works

When a train approaches a crossing, a train detector will record its presence, direction and speed and send this information to a central control system. The system will then predict the arrival of the train and display the information on a Motorist Advisory Sign (below).  Motorist Advisory Signs display train events which cause delays of two minutes or longer. Train events which cause delays less than two minutes duration will not be displayed on the Motorist Advisory Signs, as detouring for shorter events does not yield as great travel time savings benefits.

Motorist Advisory Sign - shows how railway crossing status will be displayed

Project Cost

The $3.8-million project is funded with contributions from:

  • The Government of Canada under the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Transportation Infrastructure Fund ($300,000)
  • The Province of B.C. ($300,000)
  • Vancouver Fraser Port Authority ($300,000)
  • TransLink ($2.9 million)

Project Benefits

  • Gives drivers timely information when trains are occupying rail crossings
  • Reduces congestion and delays for drivers crossing the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor in the communities of Langley and Surrey
  • Improves accessibility for motorists and emergency vehicles when trains occupy rail-crossings
  • Improves community safety and quality of life
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions because of less idling times


Civil works construction and systems development are underway.


  • Civil Works Construction: January to December 2018
  • Systems Development: Fall 2017 to Summer 2018
  • Project Completion: Winter 2018

Public Consultation

TransLink held a public consultation in April 2014 to engage stakeholders and request public feedback on the proposed Railway Crossing Information System project.


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