Driver's Medical Examination Report

  • In Spring 2023, RoadSafetyBC will resume issuing age-based Driver Medical Examination Reports.
  • This means that senior drivers who meet new age-based criteria will receive a report to be completed by  physicians and nurse practitioner.
  • In December 2020, RoadSafetyBC paused issuing age-based reports. Government made this difficult decision to protect seniors from possible exposure to COVID-19 in medical clinics.
  • After evaluating the program, RoadSafetyBC will resume issuing age-based reports to senior drivers who meet our new age-based criteria.


RoadSafetyBC uses the Driver’s Medical Examination Report (DMER) to make driver medical fitness decisions.

The report provides our staff with the information they need to assess if a person is medically fit to drive. We use it to understand if a person’s medical condition affects their driving.

We may need one depending on the driver’s:

  • Age (80+)
  • Licence class (commercial drivers)
  • Known medical condition

If we get reliable information from a credible source that a person has a condition that may affect their ability to drive, we may ask them for an examination report. Credible sources include police, family members, medical professionals and ICBC.

If we send you a Driver's Medical Examination Report [Sample PDF, 1.26MB], please ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to do the examination and return the completed report to us within the timeline on the report. Information about completing the report is on the back. If the report can't be completed in that time, please contact RoadSafetyBC right away.

The driver examination report includes checks for:

  • Cognition (for example, memory, attention and judgment)
  • Eyesight
  • Overall physical health

It does not include a road driving test.

Medical Services Plan (MSP) will cover the cost of known/suspected conditions (Blue DMER) to a maximum of $75. You would be responsible for the difference for any amount over the $75 that your doctor or nurse practitioner may charge.