Commercial driver's fitness requirements

Last updated on January 11, 2021

The National Safety Code sets standards for commercial drivers. We follow its schedule for checking the medical fitness of drivers.

Code W for commercial drivers

Code W is an identifier placed on a commercial driver’s licence. It shows they’re prohibited from driving a commercial vehicle in the U.S. because of profound hearing impairment or epilepsy. Visit an ICBC B.C. driver licensing office to find if you need one and to have it applied. You can also get it when you renew your licence.

Commercial driver’s medical examination report schedule

A person must complete a Driver’s Medical Fitness Examination Report when they apply for a:

ICBC provides the report to applicants.

Licensed commercial drivers must also complete the examination report:

  • Every five years from age 25 to 45
  • Every three years from age 48 to 63
  • Every year from age 66

We’ll mail the report to a driver about 2 months before their birthday. Instructions for completing it are on the back.

Contact RoadSafetyBC to ensure we have your current address.

A commercial driver who wants to give-up their licence for a class 5 licence can do so whenever they want. However, they might still need to complete a Driver's Medical Examination Report get a class 5-8 licence.


Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not cover the cost of the examination report. Your doctor or nurse practitioner may charge you for it. RoadSafetyBC cannot reimburse you.

Visit ICBC’s site for information about other fees.