Driver medical fitness restrictions

RoadSafetyBC can add restrictions to a licence if the driver has a medical condition or functional deficit that requires the use of a device or technology to enable them to safely operate a motor vehicle.

ICBC can also add restrictions. For more information about them, see ICBC's Licence restrictions page

A driver who moves to British Columbia with a restriction will have the equivalent B.C. restriction added to their B.C. licence.

Getting a restriction removed

In most cases, to get a restriction removed a driver must complete a road test to show they can operate a motor vehicle safely without restriction.

For more information on how to get your restriction removed, please call ICBC.

Requesting a reconsideration of a licence restriction

A driver who disagrees with licence restrictions 25, 26, 28 or 51 applied by the Driver Medical Fitness Program can complete a Request for Reconsideration of the Application of Restriction [PDF, 133KB] and mail it to RoadSafetyBC.

A RoadSafetyBC adjudicator will review the application along with any relevant information in the driver’s file. The adjudicator will review the restriction(s) and provide you with a written decision. You’re responsible for ensuring your mailing address is correct.