Senior drivers

To keep our roads safe, all drivers must have a Driver’s Medical Examination Report completed by their doctor or nurse practitioner at age 80, 85, and every two years thereafter.

Each year RoadSafetyBC sends about 70,000 examination reports to drivers age 80 and older.

When you receive the report form in the mail, please make an appointment with your doctor or nurse practitioner for a driver medical examination. The examination may include checks for:

  • Cognition (for example, memory, attention and judgment)
  • Eyesight
  • Physical health

It does not include a road driving test.

Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to complete the report and return it to us. Instructions are on the back.

Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not cover the cost of the report. Your doctor or nurse practitioner may charge you for it. RoadSafetyBC cannot reimburse you.

We must receive it within the timeline on the report. If we don’t receive it on time, we may cancel your licence until it arrives. If it's not possible for you to have the report returned in time, contact us as soon as possible for an extension.

RoadSafetyBC will only contact you if we need further information or assessments.

If you have questions, please contact RoadSafetyBC.

Resources for senior drivers and their families

SeniorsBC, the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC), the Canadian Automobile Association and the Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellent provide information for seniors and their families about:

  • Staying safe on the road
  • Driver self-assessments
  • Medical conditions and safe driving
  • Talking with seniors about driving
  • Driving and dementia
  • Retiring from driving

Retiring from driving

Retiring from driving is difficult, but there is help available.

If you retire from driving (or you're no longer eligible for a licence) you can exchange your licence for a free BC Identification card. It includes your photo and the same security features as a driver’s licence. It's accepted anywhere a licence is.

Get yours at any ICBC driver licensing office.

Visit and the Medically-At-Risk Driver Centre’s database for alternatives to driving in B.C.