Driving and cycling

Travellers in B.C. can find information on driving and cycling, including road safety and the law, driver licensing and insurance, seasonal driving, popular routes, provincial rest areas, emergency contacts and resources for older drivers.


Driving is a privilege, not a right. Road collisions are a leading cause of death and injury and are a major public health issue in British Columbia.

Traveller Information

Learn about a variety of driving-related topics, including route planning, winter/summer driving, tolling, HOV lanes, road safety and what to do in case of a road emergency.

Licensing, Insurance & Claims

Learn about obtaining or renewing drivers' licences and insurance, how to train for a licence, and find tips on purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

Explore Within

Road safety rules and consequences of unsafe driving

All drivers on our roads are expected to drive safely and encouraged to know and understand the rules.  In this section you will learn what is expected of drivers and the various deterrents and educational programs in place for drivers who do not employ safe driving behaviour


Learn about legislation and cycling rights, and explore cycling as an economical, healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel.