Property tax notice

Your property tax notice is a bill for some services that are available. The amount you pay depends on the:

  1. Property location
  2. Property classification
  3. Property assessed value
  4. Cost of services

Your taxes are calculated using tax rates that are set for each available service. Tax rates are adjusted every year to make sure the funds needed to provide services are raised. You can't appeal your property taxes, but you may be able to appeal your property assessment.

In most cases, tax rates are applied to the assessed value of your land and any buildings or structures on the property. Not all taxes are applied to the value of your entire property, though. There are many ways taxes can be applied, including:

  • the value of the land
  • the value of the buildings or structures
  • the number of lots on the property
  • the size of the property
  • the length of land that fronts a public work (e.g. water line)

On your tax notice, you will find information about:

Rural area properties

If your property is in a rural area, you can: