Temporary pandemic pay claim submission

Temporary pandemic pay supports eligible employees that delivered in-person, front-line care in health, social services and corrections during the 16-week period of March 15 to July 4, 2020. Review program information and eligibility.

Last updated: November 4, 2020

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Temporary pandemic pay claim process

The employer submission period for claims has now closed. Funding will continue to be disbursed beyond October as submissions received before the deadline and those coming in late are processed.

To complete the temporary pandemic pay claim process complete the following steps:

  1. Download the Temporary pandemic pay claim form (XLS, 308KB)
  2. Complete the claim form with the required fields
  3. Once you have entered all applicable information into the claim form and invoice tabs of the template, send your completed submission to: bcpandemicpayclaim@sp2016.sp.gov.bc.ca

Note: If your organization has multiple provincial funders, complete only one claim form that includes information for all provincially funded programs.

Disbursement of funding

Once the claim form has been received, there is a review process followed by validation by the Ministry of Finance. Once validated, the funds will be distributed to service providers in approximately seven to 10 business days. Service providers are then responsible for:

  • Ensuring the funds are accurately distributed to their eligible employees and subcontractors as soon as they receive them from the Province. Likely a lump-sum payment on a regular paycheque
  • Making best efforts to provide the pay to eligible employees who have resigned or retired from the organization
  • Addressing any issues arising from employees. For example, the amount of pandemic pay or the hours that were worked in the 16-week period
  • Ensuring funds are not used to reimburse employers for any top-up pay that they independently committed to their employees prior to the announcement of the program on May 7, 2020

Instructions to complete the claim form

Note: For eligible subcontractors, the lead contractor should submit information pertaining to their staff hours eligible for pandemic pay, on their behalf. It is a responsibility of lead contractor to ensure that submitted hours by subcontractors meet all of the eligibility criteria requirements.

All claims must be submitted to bcpandemicpayclaim@sp2016.sp.gov.bc.ca. 

Step 2

In the "Invoice" tab enter the following information only:

  • Service provider/agency/employer information:
    • Full legal name of the organization, address and the vendor number (if known) in the top right column
    • Invoice details:
      • GST registration number (if any/may not be applicable)
      • Invoice number
      • Date of invoice
  • Details of the individual in the organization preparing the  claim form:
    • Full name
    • Position within organization
    • Signature – this certifies that you have read and accepted the terms of the invoice. If you are unable to print and sign a copy of the signature page, an electronic signature is acceptable. It is acceptable to send a photo or scan of this page along with the excel claim form
    • Date signed

Step 3

In the “Pandemic Pay Claim” tab, enter the following information:

  • Full legal name of the organization
  • Vendor number (if known)
  • Date of the claim
  • To validate the claim, the organization’s total estimated funding from all sources for the current fiscal year is required, including provincial and non-provincial sources. This amount should match to the total estimated income/revenues for the current fiscal year
  • Enter the following aggregated information for all eligible employees/subcontractor employees that worked straight-time hours during the 16-week period of March 15 to July 4, 2020, as follows:
    • Individual employee names are not required
    • Under the column of affected employees enter the total number of eligible employees/subcontractor employees working during the above stated period for each role
    • In the Role column, put the cursor in the first green cell to see the second down arrow appear and select from the dropdown box in the excel claim form, chose a role from the list that best describes the roles in your organization
    • Under the Program column enter the name of the eligible program(s) for employees working during the period – this may include multiple programs separated by forward slashes
    • In the Total Straight-Time Hours Worked column, enter the total amount of straight-time hours worked by all these employees during the period

Note: For care facilities with employees whose time is allocated between privately funded and provincially funded beds, the temporary pandemic pay for those employees will be proportionate to the time in support of the provincially funded services. 

For example, hours should be calculated accordingly if an employee or bed is funded 50% from provincial funding and 50% from other sources, like federal or municipal funding. The employee will be eligible to claim only the 50% provincially funded hours.

Step 4

Save the excel worksheet and email it along with a signed signature page if you were unable to do so on the form to bcpandemicpayclaim@sp2016.sp.gov.bc.ca