Release Planning

When you are released from a correctional centre, you will probably have mixed feelings – feelings of excitement and anxiety. You will have a corrections worker who will support you and help with your move back into the community.

Role of Corrections

Corrections is committed to ensuring public safety and helping you prepare to lead a productive and law-abiding life once you are released from a correctional centre. Corrections staff also want to ensure you are no longer a threat to the community.

Parole and Probation Officers

A parole or probation officer is a corrections worker that supervises you in the community and helps avoid situations and behaviour that can lead you to commit other crimes. A parole officer has the authority to return you to court or a correctional centre if you do not follow the parole or probation conditions.

Victim Notification

If there was a victim of crime associated with the criminal offence you were convicted of, they may be notified of your release from custody. There may be a number conditions associated with your probation or conditional release including no contact orders.


It important that you fully understand all conditions you are subject to while in the community, breaching any of them can have serious consequences. For more information see additional conditions, no contact orders, and be sure to discuss your conditions with your parole or probation officer.