Your Rights - Information for Crime Victims

Last updated on October 13, 2021

As a victim of crime in British Columbia, you have certain legal rights under the British Columbia Victims of Crime Act and the federal Canadian Victims Bill of Rights. This section provides information to help you understand your rights. It guides you to other information and resources to help you learn more.

You did not choose to be a victim of crime. Knowing your rights can help support you through the criminal justice system.

B.C.'s Victims of Crime Act

The Victims of Crime Act sets out the rights of victims. It gives victims the right to:

  • Be treated fairly and with respect by all workers in the criminal justice system;
  • Receive information about:
    • Victim services available to you
    • Benefits
    • Financial assistance for criminal injury
    • How the criminal justice system works
    • Your rights to privacy

You may also be able to receive information about the:

  • Status of police investigations for your case
  • Court dates and what happens at court
  • Accused or offender while they are in the community and in custody

Visit Victim Notification to learn more, including how to request this information.

Information about the court case may be available through criminal court lists and Court Services Online (CSO). You can access CSO at public computer terminals in most courthouses. You can also call a victim service worker or the Victim Safety Unit of the Ministry of Attorney General for information.

More Information

For more information about your rights, we encourage you to read the information sheet Know Your Rights.

If the offender is in a federal correctional centre, another good source of information about your rights is Victims of Crime - Staying Informed from Public Safety Canada.

Further Assistance

If you have questions or would like to talk to someone about how to receive more information about your rights, please contact VictimLinkBC to speak with a victim service worker or call your local police.

You can find others who can help you, as well as legal information and resources, at Legal Assistance.