Child or Young Victim

Last updated on June 8, 2021

Children can be victims of abuse, neglect, bullying, dating violence, assault, sexual interference or exploitation, theft and other crimes. They may be the victims of adults, young people, family members, friends, strangers or people they trust.

Help is available to children who are victims of crime and their parents.

Everyone has a legal obligation to report situations where a child or young person (under 19) needs protection because they, for example, are being abused, neglected or sexually exploited. You must report the matter to the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Please call the Helpline for Children (310-1234, no area code required).

Get Help Now

Help and support for children and young people in British Columbia is available from several agencies. If you are afraid of someone or in danger, you need to call 911 immediately. If your community does not have 911 services, call your local police.

If you are not in danger right now, it may helpful to talk to someone you trust about what you have experienced. You do not need to deal with what has happened to you all alone. People and programs are ready to help you.  

Agencies That Can Help You

Helpline for Children and Youth - Call 310-1234, free of charge. No area code is needed in B.C.

They can provide help to:

  • Young people and children being abused at home, school or anywhere else
  • Anyone who suspects a child or young person is being abused
  • Parents who are afraid they might hurt their child

Youth Against Violence Line - Call 1-800-680-4264 in B.C., free of charge.

The line provides confidential (except as required by law), one-on-one help and information to youth. The line:

  • Helps with youth violence or crime matters
  • Assists with concerns about your or others’ safety
  • Can be contacted to report a crime or violence anonymously (without giving your name)
  • Has information on topics like gangs, bullying or other related issues

The Youth Against Violence Line is also available to concerned parents, teachers, caregivers, service providers and anyone else who has questions or concerns about youth violence.

PEACE Program

PEACE (Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling and Empowerment) programs (formerly Children Who Witness Abuse programs) provide group and individual counselling for children ages 3 – 18 who have witnessed abuse, threats or violence in the home. Contact VictimLinkBC for more information about this and other counselling programs.

VictimLinkBC - Call 1-800-563-0808 in B.C., free of charge.

A 24-hour, B.C. toll- free information and referral line for victims. You will find a safe service where you can discuss your experience and decide what you to do next. - Call 1-866-658-9022 in B.C., free of charge.

To report online situations where children or young people are being sexually abused or exploited, contact the tip line. Canada’s national tip line receives information from the public about child pornography, luring, child sex tourism and child prostitution.

Cybertip also provides information, referrals and other resources to help Canadians keep their children safe while on the Internet.

More Information

Information on Making it Easier for Young Victims and Witnesses to Testify

Visit Child or Young Witness for information about children and young people who witness to crime.