Coming Forward If You are a Victim of Crime

If you are a victim of crime, you are probably experiencing a lot of different emotions. Deciding what to do after the incident can be frightening and confusing. Even though this may be a difficult time, resources are available to help you.

Victim Service Workers

If you are unsure about whether you want to report a crime or would like to discuss your options with someone in confidence, please call VictimLinkBC. VictimLink can provide information, support and referral to a local victim service program. VictimLink will not discuss your situation with anyone else without your knowledge and permission, except as required by law (such as if the victim is a child or young person (under 19) or a crime is about to be committed). Even if you choose not to report a crime, services are available to help and support you.

If you come forward and tell police about a crime, you are reporting the crime. If you wish to speak to someone else first, please call VictimLinkBC.

Importance of Coming Forward to Report a Crime

It is important for you to consider reporting a crime. Coming forward gives you the opportunity to:

  • Tell your story and possibly bring some closure to what has happened to you
  • Deal with the harm done to you
  • Receive protection from the person who committed the crime, if you are not safe
  • Provide information that may help bring a criminal to justice

You could also be taking the first step in helping to prevent further crimes and protecting others from experiencing the same things you have.